Keep Your Electric Car Fully Charged

Add an electric car charger receptacle to your Hudson or Cedar Falls, IA home

If you're planning to switch to an electric car, it's important to have a way to reliably charge it. Luckily, Chapman Electric, Inc. is here to help. We install new car charger receptacles in Hudson, Cedar Falls, IA and the entire Cedar Valley.

We can install car charging receptacles that will work with any kind of electric car. Plus, our 50-amp car charger receptacles are extremely efficient, as they can charge most cars within one to two hours.

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Efficient charging that's always within reach

Efficient charging that's always within reach

When you hire us to install a new charging receptacle, we won't simply pick a random spot in your garage and get to work. Instead, we:

  • Assess your garage and see where the electrical panel is located
  • Determine how to best get power to your garage
  • Install the receptacle in a convenient and easy-to-reach spot
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